Starter Control Panel

Different Panels available such as- Soft Starter, Motor Starter, DOL Starter, Pump Starter, Forward-Reverse Starter, VFDs.

Salient Features

  • Degree of Protection: IP42-IP65.
  • Bus Bar: Aluminium / Copper.
  • Frequency: 50Hz / 60 Hz.
  • Short Time Current: Up to 65KA for 1Sec.
  • Two speed: single / multi winding.
  • Short Time Current: Up to 80KA for 1Sec.
  • Forms: Form 4b.

Other Features

  • Overload / underload protection.
  • Fast and easy to install.
  • Increase application productivity.
  • Auto / manual mode options.
  • Designed to withstand vibrations, temperature, humidity, and noise.

Starter Control Panel is an electrical panel that is used to control and protect electric motors. It typically contains a combination of motor starters, circuit breakers, fuses, relays, and other devices that are used to control and protect the motor and its associated equipment.

The main purpose of a starter control panel is to provide a safe and reliable means of starting and stopping electric motors, as well as protecting them from overloads, short circuits, and other electrical faults. The panel may also include various monitoring and control devices, such as meters, alarms, and control switches, that allow operators to monitor and control the motor and its associated equipment.


  • Industrial manufacturing.
  • Water and wastewater treatment.
  • Agriculture.
  • HVAC systems.
  • Oil and gas.
  • Mining.
  • Marine and offshore.

Standards and Certifications

  • IEC 61439
  • UL 508A
  • NFPA 79
  • CE marking
  • ISO 9001
  • CSA C22.2
  • IECEx certification

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