Liquid Filled Transformers


  • Power Rating: 100 kVA to 10 MVA.
  • Voltage Rating: 5 kV to 50 kV.
  • Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz.
  • Insulation Class: Class A to Class F.
  • Efficiency: 95% to 99%.
  • Noise Level: 45 dB to 60 dB.

Salient Features

  • Highly efficient, with low losses and high voltage regulation.
  • High reliability and durability.
  • Requires low maintenance.
  • Robust construction, high overload capacity.


Liquid filled transformers, also known as oil immersed transformer, are electrical transformers that use a liquid as a coolant and insulating medium. The transformer is immersed in a tank filled with oil, which helps to dissipate the heat generated during operation and provides insulation between the high-voltage and low-voltage windings.

Oil immersed transformers are available in various sizes and voltage ratings, from small distribution transformers to large power transformers used in electrical power grids. They are commonly used in a range of applications, such as in power generation plants, substations, and industrial facilities.


  • Power generation plants.
  • Electrical substations.
  • Industrial facilities.
  • Renewable energy systems.
  • Railway systems.

Standards and Certifications

  • IEC 60076
  • DOE Standards
  • IEEE C57.12
  • ANSI/IEEE C57.12.00
  • IECEx Certification
  • ANSI/IEEEC57.98, ANSI/IEEE C57.12.80
  • UL Listed
  • ASTM A653

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