High Efficiency Diesel Generator

Certifications - meets the requirement of relevant UL, NFPA, ISO, IEC, Mil Std., CE and CSA standards.

Complied with latest emission norms, ASME/ MoEF / CPCB, Acoustic Enclosure.

Salient Features

  • With improved AVR technology and soft start function.
  • Generators available form power rating as low as 5KVA to higher than 2500KVA.
  • Stamford HC alternator frames.
  • Brushless type, Screen protected, separately excited alternator conforming to IS/IEC 60034-1.
  • Highly stable and reliable design with square engine.
  • PT fuel system with Electronic Step Timing Control (ESTC) injectors which smoothly stabilise engine speed.
  • SAE J1939 Interface to Full Authority Electronic (FAE) engines.
  • Paralleling Control Functions: Digital frequency synchronization and voltage matching, Isochronous kW and kVAr load sharing controls, Droop kW and kVAr control, Sync check, Extended paralleling (Peak Shave/Base Load), Digital power transfer control (AMF), Load govern control, Load demand control.
  • Hospital grade Silencer suitably optimised to meet stringent noise emission standards.
  • Protective from genset over voltage, AVR over voltage, low frequency, over current.

Other Features

  • Integrated digital electronic voltage regulator.
  • Digital Electronic Governing with temperature compensation.
  • Engine Protection.
  • Specially designed to meet stringent MoEF/ CPCB norms acoustic enclosure, having high quality noise absorbant and fire-retardant grade acoustic insulation material (Rockwool) complying to IS 8183.
  • Real time monitoring of generator voltage, excitation voltage & secondary winding voltage with over load protection.

Diesel generator is a type of internal combustion engine that uses diesel fuel to generate electricity. Diesel generators are available in a range of sizes and power outputs, from small portable generators that can power a single appliance or tool, to large industrial generators that can provide power to an entire building or facility.

DGs are also available depending on application of usage – Diesel standby generator, Diesel genset, Portable DG set, Industrial DG, DG for residential areas, Emergency DG set, Silent DG.


  • Agriculture
  • Commercial
  • Data Centers
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Telecom

Standards and Certifications

  • UL 2200
  • CE Certified
  • ISO 8528
  • IS/IEC 60034-1
  • IS 1460
  • ISO 3046
  • ISO 9001

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