Large / High-Volume Low-Speed (HVLS / LVLS) Fan

HVLS Ceiling Fan 

High-Volume or large volume, Low-Speed (HVLS), also known as LVLS fans are designed for large sweep areas but at low speed. This offers very low air cutting noise, silent operation, as well as smoothing breeze like effect. These are used to improve ventilation and air circulation, and have a nice cooling effect on occupants. The HVLS Ceiling Fan design is perfect for big spaces, reducing energy low, number of fan requirements etc.

We can offer HVLS fans from manufacturers like Caryaire, Greenheck, JCB Airtech, Marut air, Fanair, Alfa fans, Austar, Ecoair, Vends etc.


Key advantages of the HVLS ceiling fan

In factories, distribution centers, and warehouses, HVLS fans help to prevent heat stress and improve comfort for people working better, which can boost productivity.

In shopping malls, churches, office buildings, airport terminals, fitness centers, and schools, HVLS fans help air conditioners by moving air around and saving energy. 


  • High / Large air volume: up to 250,000 CFM
  • Available Fan Blade Size: 10 feet to 24 feet
  • Coverage area: 1000 to 24,000 ft. 
  • Very low noise, silent operation, lower than 45 dB
  • High Energy efficiency, low operational cost
  • Number of blades: 6 – 10 
  • Material of construction: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • VFD operated for speed control
  • Motor options: BLDS, EC, Induction 
  • Mounting kit: Ibeam, steel truss, unstretch, wooden beam, Z-purlin 
  • IP54 ingress protection


  • Humanized operation
  • Large sweep and low speed give smoothing and cooling effect
  • Low energy requirement, low operation cost
  • Central fan control for multiple fan units
  • Optimised and easy air sweep profile

Suggested Applications:

Suitable for large spaces like:

  • Auditorium, Convention centers, conference rooms etc.
  • Railway / metro platforms, halls
  • Airport terminals
  • Health clubs
  • Factory, manufacturing plants
  • Logistics warehouse, Distribution centers
  • Storage silos
  • Aerospace manufacture
  • Cold storage
  • Animal, Dairy farms

Standards and Certificates:

  • AMCA circulating fan & sound performance 
  • CE

 Options and Accessories:

  • Cable Type: Cat 5E cable 
  • Steel Cable Hardware
  • Gripple Kit Standard 
  • Frame Finish Type: Hi-Pro Polyester 
  • Airflow finish type: MIL
  • HVLS Central touchscreen control

Central controller offers centralized monitoring and control for multiple HVLS fans. Onboard touchscreen offers fan operations like speed control, password protection along with advanced diagnostics for ease of troubleshooting.