Spray Tower Scrubber

Salient Features

  • Air Flow: up to 60,000 CFM.
  • Temperature: 4 – 370 °C.
  • No risk of blockage in the wash section.
  • Best in handling when gas flow fluctuates.
  • Dust, gaseous particles are also removed.
  • Captures particulate matter of size 2 microns and large particulates.
  • Efficiency up to 95 %

Other Features

  • Simple performance, less space requirement and easy maintenance.
  • Available in different construction materials.
  • Low pressure drops.
  • Highly reliable and efficient.


A spray tower scrubber, also known as a spray chamber or spray scrubber, is an air pollution control device used to remove pollutants from industrial exhaust gases. It is a type of wet scrubber that utilizes a spray of liquid, usually water or a chemical solution, to capture and neutralize or remove contaminants from the gas stream.


  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industries
  • Steel making
  • Fertilizer production
  • Glass industry
  • Food Manufacturing

Standards and Certifications

  • EPA Standards
  • ISO 9096
  • EN 13725
  • OSHA Standards

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