RJ45, Hydraulic Multi-Purpose Wire Crimping Tool Plier

Salient Features

  • Multipurpose: 3 in 1 Multi design -Stripping, Cutting, Crimping
  • Suitable for stripping wire, Cutting off copper, cable and aluminum wire, Crimping insulated terminals
  • Material: Aluminum, Copper, Rubber, Chromium-Vanadium Steel, Alloy steel
  • Grip Type: Ergonomic
  • Item Dimensions Range (L x W x H): 12 x 6 x 2 ~ 22 x 6 x 2 cm
  • Handle Material: Metal, Rubber
  • Cuts wires cleanly and crimps them altogether in no time
  • Weight: up to 0.5 kg
  • Suited for heavy duty performance
  • Fast and precise crimping

A crimping tool, also known as a crimp tool or crimp pliers, is a hand tool designed to create a permanent electrical or mechanical connection by deforming one or more metal components. This deformation, called a crimp, securely attaches a connector or terminal to a wire, cable, or other conductor. Crimping tools are widely used in various industries, including electrical work, telecommunications, automotive, and manufacturing. There are different types of crimping tools, each designed for specific applications.

Common types of crimping tools include:

  • Wire Crimping Plier: These tools are used to crimp connectors, terminals, or lugs onto the ends of electrical wires. They are commonly used in electrical and electronic applications for creating reliable connections.
  • Coaxial Cable Crimping Tool: They are used to attach connectors to coaxial cables, commonly used in television and data transmission.
  • RJ45 Crimping Tool: These tools are specifically designed for attaching RJ45 connectors to Ethernet or network cables. They are essential for creating secure and functional network connections.
  • Terminal Crimping Tool: In automotive, industrial, and other applications, these tools are used to crimp various types of terminals and splices onto wires.
  • Pipe Crimping Tool: These plumbing tools are used to crimp copper or PEX pipes and ensure watertight connections in plumbing systems.
  • Hydraulic Crimping Tool: Hydraulic crimping tools use hydraulic pressure to create high-force crimps. They are often used for heavy-duty applications and large cable connectors.
  • Handheld Crimping Plier: Handheld crimping tools are used for light to medium-duty crimping tasks, such as crimping wire connectors.
  • Battery-Powered Crimping Plier: Battery-operated crimping tools are portable and ideal for on-site work where power sources may be limited.
  • Pneumatic Crimping Pl: These tools use compressed air to create crimps, are widely used in manufacturing and production settings.

Crimping tools play an important role in ensuring that wires, cables, and connectors remain securely attached and functional in a variety of industries. The choice of the appropriate crimping tool depends on the specific application and the type of connections to be made.


  • Electrical Work
  • Automotive Repair
  • Plumbing and HVAC
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Network and Data Centers
  • Crimping Hydraulic and Pneumatic Hoses
  • Jewelry Making and Craftsmanship