Uzbekistan is a Central Asian nation and former Soviet republic. Uzbekistan is officially also known as Republic of Uzbekistan. It is bordered by Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.
It’s known for its mosques, mausoleums and other sites linked to the Silk Road. Silk Road is the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean. Samarkand, a major city on the route, contains a landmark of Islamic architecture: the Registan. The Registan is the plaza bordered by 3 ornate, mosaic-covered religious schools dating to the 15th and 17th centuries.
Capital: Tashkent
Currency: Uzbekistani soʻm

Uzbekistan - Land of Mosque, Mausoleum
Uzbekistan – Land of Mosque, Mausoleum
Uzbekistan - border with Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan
Uzbekistan – border with Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan

We export, supply, manufacture and export all Industrial, commercial and building related products & equipment’s. These are for electrical, mechanical, civil, air-conditioning, ventilation, interior, infrastructure, fire, safety, security etc. application. Thereby serving Electrical contractors, mechanical contractors, HVAC contractors, civil contractor, interior designers etc. of Uzbekistan and its all cities. These include Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Fergana, Nukus, Kokand, Termez, Qarshi etc.

Our export items includes compressors, handicraft, marble, electrical motors, exhaust fans, insulated ducts. It also include Control panels, smoke detector, starter panels, distribution panels, fire dampers, pumps, electric actuators, cable tray, compressors. Also offer Jet fans, VFD panels, pressure sensors, level transmitters, weather stations, cable tray, copper tubes, insulation material, diffuser, air-conditioners, water geysers and many more. This results in substantial saving of time and money.

We can customise, source any items as per requirement, specifications with best quality in most competitive rates.

Electrical Items

AC MotorAir Terminal RodAlligator ClipsAlternatorsAluminium Cable Glands
AmmeterArmoured CableAutomatic Circuit BreakersBallastsBatten Fitting
Cable MarkersBeaconCableBatteryCable Clips
Cable End CapsBrass Cable GlandsCable Joints and TerminationsCable LadderBuilding Wires
Cable TiesCable Ties & CleatCamping LightsCable TrayCapacitors And Igniters
CCTVCeiling LightsCentrifugal Oil PumpCFL LampsChandeliers
Changeover SwitchesCircuit BreakersClamp MetersClamps & CouplersCommercial Lighting
Connectors & TerminalsContactorsControl CablesControl PanelsCopper Tape & DC Clip
Copper TerminalsCounterCurrent MeterCurrent TransformerDC Motor
DimmersDistribution BoxesDown LightsEarth PitsElectric Actuator
Electric Induction MotorEarth RodsElectric MotorsElectrical CablesEmergency Lights
Electrical InstrumentsElectrical Plugs & SocketsEnergy MeterElectrical TapesElectronic Enclosures
Electrical SuppliesElectrical EquipmentEquipment Indicator LightsExit LightExplosion Proof Enclosure
Explosion Proof LightsFan Starter PanelsFire ActuatorsFire Rated CablesFlameproof Cable Glands
Flameproof HooterFlasherFlashing LEDsFlashlightsFlood Lights
Floor LampsFloor TrunkingFluorescent LampsFrequency MetersFuse Components
FusesGasoline GeneratorsGI ChannelGI Switch BoxGenerator
GI TrunkingGLS LampsGrille LampsHalogen BulbsHalogen Fitting
HID LampsHigh BayHigh Mast LightHurricane LanternsIE2 Electric Motor
IE3 Electric MotorIncandescent LampsInduction LampsIndustrial ConnectorsIndoor Lighting Fixtures
Industrial ControlsIndustrial PlugsInstrumentation CablesIndustrial Power SupplyIndustrial Sockets
InvertorsLED LightsLED Outdoor LightsLawn LampsLED Sensor Lights
Light LiftersLighting TransformersLightning ArresterLimit SwitchesLouvre Fitting
Low Bay FittingLugsMarine CablesMercury FittingMetal Halide Fitting
Metal Halide LampsMotor ControllerMotor DriverMicro SwitchesMotor Starter
Motor Starter PanelsMulti Functional MeterMotorsMultimeterNight Lights
OFC CableOptical Fibre CableOutdoor Lighting FixturesP.L. Lamp FittingPanel Meters
Path LightsPillar LightsPlugs & SocketsPower AccessoriesPower Adaptors
PotentiometersPower CablesPower CordsProfessional Audio, Video & LightingPower Factor Panels
Power SuppliesPrysmatic FittingPower SupplyPower Distribution EquipmentPVC Cable Glands
PVC Conduit & AccessoriesPush Button SwitchesPVC Flexible CablePVC Switch + SocketPVC Weather Proof Box
RelaysResistance MeterRheostatsRocker SwitchesRotary Switches
Rubber Flexible CablesSilicon CablesSMPSSolar CellsSolar Energy Products
Sodium FittingSolar GeyserSolar InvertersSolenoid ValveSolar Panel
Solar Water PumpSounderSpecial CablesSS Cable GlandsStepper Motor
StreetlightStrobe SounderSurge SuppressorsSwitchgear AccessoriesSwitches
Switchgear ComponentsSwitchgearsTerminal BlocksTerminalsThermal Switch
ThermistorsTimersToggle SwitchesTransformersUPS
Vacuum Circuit BreakersVariable Frequency DrivesVFD PanelsVoltage LimitersVoltage Meter
VoltmeterWall LampsWall SwitchesWater HeatersWater Proof Fitting
Weather Proof IsolatorsWiper MotorWiring AccessoriesWires, Cables & Cable AssembliesWiring Ducts
Wiring HarnessXenon LampsWelding Cables Floor BoxesFRLS Cable

Mechanical Items

Acoustic DoorsAir SeparatorAmmonia PumpAxial Flow PumpsBall Bearing
BearingBellow SealBendsBlack Annealed WireBooster Pumps
Brass ValvesBreeching InletsBridge Expansion JointsBrushesBushing
Butterfly ValveCentrifugal PumpsChain Link FencingCheck ValveClamps
CompressorsCondensor PumpsConduitControl ValveCoverall and Safety Items
Diesel GeneratorsDrag ChainsDrain PipeDrain ValveDrill Bushing
Dust CollectorEarthing Protection SystemElbowElectromagnetic PumpsEnclosure
Expansion TankExplosion Proof PanelFins StraightenerFire Rated DoorsFlameproof Enclosure
FlangesFork LiftsFrequency ValveGate ValveGate Valves
GI Binding WireGI ConduitGlazed DoorsGI SheetsGI Pipe
Graphite GasketsGuard RailsHand & Power ToolsHand WheelsHardware
HEPA FilterHose PipeHousingsHPVC Pipes & FittingsImpellers
Jet PumpsJunction BoxLanding ValvesLead ScrewsLightning Protection System
LocksMan Hole CoverMechanical EquipmentMechanical LiftsMetallic Box
Mechanical SealsMixed Flow PumpsNeedle ValvesNozzlesNut
Nylon GasketsOil SealsPipesPlastic HosePlastic Tank
Ply WoodsPolythene SheetsPot StrainerPressure Regulating ValvePressure Regulator
PulleyPressure-Reducing ValvesPumpsReciprocating PumpReducers
Refrigerant PumpRelief ValvesRubber ElbowsRubber GasketsSaddle
Safety ValvesSand TrapSanitary ItemsSanitary Items & FittingsSliding Doors
Solenoid ValvesSteel BarsVacuum PumpVentsVacuum Valves
Vacuum PumpsVesselVortex PumpWater PipeWheel Barrow

Fire & Gas Detection & Control

1,2-Dichlorobenzene Detector1-Butene DetectorAcetaldehyde Detector1-Chlorobutane Detector2-Hexanone Detector
1-Butylene DetectorAcetic Acid DetectorAcetic Anhydride DetectorAcetone DetectorAcetonitrile Detector
Acetyl Chloride DetectorAcetylene DetectorAcrolein DetectorAcrylonitrile DetectorAlcohol Detector
Allyl Chloride DetectorAmmonia DetectorArgon DetectorArsine DetectorArsine Hydride Sensor
ATEX Gas DetectorBenzene SensorBreath AnalyserBromine DetectorButadiene Detector
Butane DetectorButyl Acetate DetectorButane SensorButyl Alcohol DetectorButyl Methyl Ketone Detector
Butylene DetectorCarbon Dioxide SensorCarbon Disulfide DetectorCarbon Monoxide DetectorChlorine Detector
Chlorine Dioxide SensorCNG DetectorCO SensorCO2 SensorCS2 Detector
Cyanogen DetectorCyclobutane DetectorCyclohexane DetectorDecane DetectorCyclohexanone Detector
Cyclopentadiene DetectorDiborane DetectorCyclopropane DetectorCyclopentane DetectorDichloroethane Detector
Cyclohexanol DetectorDichlorofluoromethane DetectorDichloromethane DetectorDichlorosilane DetectorDiesel Fuel Detector
Diesel Leakage SensorDiethanolamine DetectorDiesel Vapour DetectorDiethyl Disulfide DetectorDiethylamine Detector
Diethyl Sulphide DetectorDiethyl Ether DetectorDifluoroethane DetectorDifluoroethylene DetectorDi-isobutyl Ketone Detector
Diisopropyl Ether DetectorDimethyl Formamide DetectorDimethyl Sulfoxide DetectorDioxane DetectorDimethylamine Detector
Dimethylhydrazine DetectorDuct Smoke SensorDimethyl Sulphide DetectorEpichlorohydrin DetectorEthane Detector
Ethanol DetectorEthoxyethanol DetectorEthoxyethyl Acetate DetectorEthyl Acetate DetectorEthyl Alcohol Detector
Explosion Proof Duct Smoke DetectorEthyl Ether DetectorEthyl Mercaptan DetectorExplosion Proof Flame DetectorEthylbenzene Detector
Ethylene DetectorEthylene Glycol DetectorEthylamine DetectorEthylene SensorEthyl Chloride Detector
Ethylene Oxide DetectorExplosion Proof Gas DetectorExplosion Proof MCPFire CurtainsExplosion Proof Smoke Detector
Fire Detection SystemFire DetectorFlame DetectorFire HoseFire Protection
Flameproof Gas DetectorFire PumpsFire ExtinguisherFluorine DetectorFormaldehyde Detector
Fuel Oil DetectorFuran DetectorGas AnalyserGas DetectorGasoline Detector
Gas Leakage DetectorGermanium Hydride SensorGlycerol DetectorH2S SensorHeat Detector
Heat Sensing CableHelium SensorHeptane DetectorHexane DetectorHydrant
Hydrazine SensorHydrocarbon SensorHydrogen Bromide DetectorHydrogen Cyanide SensorIodine Sensor
Hydrogen SensorHydrogen Sulphide SensorHydrogen Fluoride DetectorIR3 Flame DetectorIso Propanol Alcohol Detector
Iso Propyl Alcohol SensorIsobutane DetectorIsobutyl Alcohol DetectorIso-Octane DetectorIso-Pentane Detector
Isophorone DetectorIsopropanol DetectorIsopropyl Alcohol DetectorIsopropyl Chloride DetectorKerosene Jet Detector
Kerosene Vapour DetectorLHS CableLinear Heat Sensing CableLithium Hydride DetectorLPG Detector
Manual Call PointMEK SensorMercaptoethanol DetectorMethyl Bromide SensorMethanol Detector
Methyl Acetate DetectorMethyl Alcohol DetectorMethane DetectorMethyl Chloride DetectorMethyl Ether Detector
Methylamine DetectorMethyl Ethyl Ketone DetectorMethyl Formate DetectorMethylbenzene SensorMethyl Mercaptan Detector
Methyl Ethyl Ether DetectorMethylene Chloride DetectorMineral Spirits DetectorMorpholine DetectorM-Xylene Detector
Naphthalene DetectorN-Butane DetectorN-Butanol DetectorN-Butyl Acetate DetectorNeohexane Detector
N-Butyl Mercaptan DetectorN-Butyl Chloride DetectorN-Heptane DetectorNickel Tetracarbonyl DetectorNitric Oxide Sensor
Nitrobenzene DetectorNitrogen DetectorNitrogen Dioxide SensorNitromethane DetectorNitrogen Trifluoride Detector
Nitrogen Oxides SensorNitrous Oxide DetectorN-Octane DetectorNoname DetectorN-Pentane Detector
Octane DetectorO-Dichlorobenzene DetectorOxygen SensorO-Xylene DetectorOzone In Water Sensor
Ozone SensorPentane DetectorPerchloroethylene DetectorPetrol Vapour DetectorPetrol Vapour Sensor
Phosgene DetectorPhosphine DetectorPhotoelectric Smoke DetectorPNG DetectorPortable Gas Detector
Propane DetectorPropene DetectorPropyl Acetate DetectorPropyl Alcohol DetectorPropylene Detector
Propylene Oxide DetectorP-Xylene DetectorPyridine DetectorSilane DetectorSmoke Alarm
Smoke SensorSolvent Vapour DetectorStyrene DetectorSulphur Dioxide DetectorSurveillance System
Tetrafluoroethylene DetectorTetrahydrofuran DetectorToluene DetectorTriethylborane DetectorTrimethylamine Detector
Trimethylbenzene DetectorTrinitrobenzene DetectorTurpentine DetectorTVOC SensorUV IR Flame Detector
Vegetable Oil DetectorVinyl Acetate DetectorVinyl Chloride DetectorVOC SensorWater Sprinkler
Xenon DetectorXylene DetectorButanol Detector

Control Instruments & Sensors

Air DP SwitchAir Flow SensorAir Velocity SensorBarometerBasement Ventilation System
BMSBTU MetersCalorimeterCapacitance MeterConcentration Sensor
Condensation SensorDDC ControllerDDC PanelDensity MeterDew Point Sensor
Diesel Flow TransmitterDiesel Level SensorDifferential Pressure SensorDifferential Pressure SwitchDigital Thermometers
Display ControllerDissolved Chlorine SensorDissolved Oxygen SensorDosimeterDP Transmitter
Duct Temperature SensorElectricity MeterElectromagnetic Flow MeterFloat SwitchFlow Meter
Flow SensorFrequency Measuring ApparatusFlow SwitchesGas MetersGauges
Geophysical InstrumentsHeat MetersHMIHuman Machine InterfaceHumidity Sensor
Hydrographic InstrumentsImmersion ProbeLaser Temperature SensorLCD DisplayLevel Gauges
Level SensorLiquid MetersLevel TransmitterLevel SwitchLPG Flow Sensor
LPG CameraLux SensorMegar MetersMeteorological InstrumentsMethane Flow Meter
Moisture MeterMoisture SensorOil In Water SensorOptical DetectorPaddle Flow Switch
Parking Ventilation SystemParticulate Matter SensorPetrol Density MeterPh MeterPh Sensor
PhotometersPID ControllerPIR Movement SensorPLC PanelPLC System
Pm10 SensorPm2.5 SensorPolarimetersPortable BarometerPortable Sound Meter
Pressure GaugePressure SensorPTZ CameraPressure TransmitterPressure Switch
PyrometersRadiation MeterRain MeterRefractometersRelative Humidity Sensor
RTD SensorSalinity SensorSolar Radiation MeterSound MeterSpectrum Resistance Meters
SpeedometersStroboscopesSugar Level SensorSuspended Particle SensorTachometer
TDS SensorTemperature GaugeTemperature SensorThermal Imaging CameraTimer
Ultrasonic Flow MeterWater Hardness SensorVectroscopeWater Differential Pressure SwitchWater Differential Pressure Transmitter
Weather StationWater In Oil SensorWater Level SensorWind Direction SensorWater Pressure Transmitter
Water Temperature SensorZener BarrierWater MeterWind Speed SensorUltrasonic Wind Sensor

HVAC & Air Distribution

Access DoorsAccess PanelsAir CurtainsAcoustic InsulationAir Blower
Air CirculatorAHUAir HandlersAir Handling UnitsBag Filters
Air PurifierAir ScrubbersAuto Air VentAir WasherAir-Conditioner
BlowerAir HumidifierAir Supply UnitsBlower CoilsCabinet Fans
Ceiling FansCentrifugal FansChilled BeamChilled Water CoilCollar Damper
Control DampersCooling CoilsCooling PipeCopper TubesDiffusers
Evaporative Air CoolersEvaporative CondenserEvaporative CoolersExhaust FansFan Coil Units
Fan CoilsFan Filter UnitFan SectionFCUFire Dampers
Flexible DuctFume HoodsGasketsGrillsHeat Exchanger
Heat Exchanger CoilsHigh Temperature FansHeat Recovery UnitsHigh Volume Low Speed FansHVLS Fans
Indirect Evaporative CoolersIndustrial BlowerInline FansInsulation MaterialJet Fans
Jet NozzlesKitchen ExhaustLinear DiffuserLouversParking Ventilation
Pedestal FansPlenumPre-Fabricated DuctsPre-Insulated DuctsPressurisation Fans
Propeller FansRadial DiffuserReturn GrillsReversible Jet FansSlot Diffusers
Smoke DampersSplit Air ConditionerStainless Steel Plate Heat ExchangerTable FansThermal Insulation
Treated Fresh Air UnitTunnel DampersUL List DampersVAV BoxVAV Diffusers
Wet Scrubbers

Construction & Building Products

ABB VFDAbrasive ToolsAcoustic Insulated DuctsALC Floor PanelAluminium Frame
Answering MachinesAnti Vibration TableAntique BedsAntique CabinetsAnti-Static Flooring
Antique SwingsAntique TablesArchitectural Vintage WindowsAntique ChairsBar Furniture
Bath FittingsBathroom AccessoriesBathroom CabinetBurnersBathroom Faucets
Bathroom FurnitureBeach ChairsBathroom TapsBathroom VanitiesBolts
Bathroom PipeBathroom FaucetsCaller ID BoxesCeiling Grid ComponentsCeiling Tiles
CeilingsCement BoardsCleanroom DoorsCobblesCoffee Machines
Communication CablesCommunication EquipmentCorded TelephonesCordless TelephonesCork Flooring
Dining Room FurnitureDoor BoltsDoor ClosersEar ProtectorDoor Plates
Door RollersDrawer SlideDoor ViewersDoorbellsElectrode Holder
Door GratesDoor StopsEngineered FlooringExtruded Aluminium BarFaçade
FastenersFibre Optic EquipmentFilter MeshesFinger Jointed BoardsFire Proof Access Panel
Fire Proof Foam BoardFlakeboardsFire Resistant Fibre BoardFixed Wireless TerminalsFlexible Braided Hose
Fire Proof UL Listed Emergency DoorFlush DoorFurniture CastersGarden Floor TilesFurniture Hinges
Furniture FramesGarden SetGarden SofasGI FurnitureGlass Tables
Glass WareGypsum BoardHammocksHand ToolsHandcrafted Furniture
Hotel FurnitureHydraulic ToolsIndustrial ChairKitchen CabinetsKitchen Sinks
Laboratory FurnitureLaddersLaminar Air Flow TablesLaminate FlooringMarble Tiles
Material Handling ToolsMelamine BoardsMetal BedsMetal ChairsMosaic Tiles
Moulded FurnitureNailsOffice ChairsPatio BenchesPatio Swings
Paving StonePBXPlaster BoardsPlastic FlooringPlastic Pipe Fittings
Plumbing HosePneumatic FittingsPorcelain TilesPower ToolsRepeater
Safety HarnessRestaurant FurnitureSafety GlassesSafety GlovesRubber Flooring
Safety JacketsSafety ShoesSandwich PanelsSanitary WareSanitary Ware Suits
Sauna Stream BathScaffoldingScrewsShower RoomsShutter Door Motor
Silver DinnerwareSilver Plated UtensilsSlabsSliding DoorSprinkler
SS Pipe FittingsSteel WindowStrainerSwimming Pool TilesTactile Paving
Telecom PartsTelephone AccessoriesTile TrimsTelephones & AccessoriesTelephone Headsets
Towel HolderVeneersVintage DoorsVinyl FlooringVoIP Products
Wash BasinWeighing MachineWelding HelmetsWelding RodsWi-Fi Finder
Welding WiresWelding TorchesWindow HandlesWindow HingesWireless Networking Equipment
Wood BedsWPC Wall PanelsWooden ChairsWood FlooringWrought Iron Doors