IS – Indian Standards for AC Induction Motor

Below table provides information of IS – Indian standards specified for AC Induction Motor:

IS/IEC 60034-1 Three Phase Induction motor specifications (“Rotating Electrical Machines – Part 1: Rating & Performance”)
IS: 900 Code of practice for installation & maintenance of induction motors
IS: 1231 Dimensions of foot mounted A.C induction motors
IS: 2223 Dimensions of flange mounted A.C induction motors
IS: 4029 Guide for testing three phase induction motors (For Standard TEFC SCR Motors)
IS: 4889 Methods of determination of efficiency of rotating electric machines (For Standard TEFC SCR Motors)
IS/IEC 60034-5 Degree of protection provided by the integral design of Rotating Electrical Machines (IP code classification)
IS: 6362/IEC 60034-6 Designation of method of cooling for Rotating Electrical Machines / Method of cooling (IC code)
IS:12065/IEC 60034-9 Permissible limits of noise level for Rotating Electric Machines
IS: 12075 Mechanical Vibration of Rotating Electrical Machines
IS: 12615 Energy Efficient Induction Motors Three Phase Squirrel Cage
IEC 60034-30 Rotating Electrical Machines – Efficiency classes of line operated AC motors (IE code)
IEC 60072-1 Dimension & Output rating of Rotating Electrical machines
IS: 15999 (Part 2 / Sec 1) Standard Methods for determining Losses and Efficiency from Tests (For IE Series Motors)