ANSI C80.3 – Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) – Steel

ANSI C80.3 sets the standard for the production and use of electrical metallic tubing made of steel. EMT conduit is widely employed in electrical installations due to its lightweight, cost-effective, and versatile nature.

Key Specifications:


ANSI C80.3 specifies that EMT conduit should be made of steel. This ensures durability and protection against corrosion, especially when combined with galvanization.


The standard defines the dimensions of EMT conduit, including trade sizes and wall thickness. This ensures uniformity and compatibility across different manufacturers.

Marking and Labeling:

ANSI C80.3 outlines requirements for marking and labeling of EMT conduit. This information is crucial for installers, inspectors, and other stakeholders to identify and verify the conduit’s compliance with the standard.


The standard may specify requirements for the protective coating, commonly galvanization, to enhance the conduit’s resistance to environmental factors, including corrosion.

Bending and Threads:

ANSI C80.3 may provide guidelines for the bending characteristics of EMT conduit, ensuring that it can be easily shaped without compromising its integrity. It may also include specifications for threads and connectors.

Testing and Compliance:

The standard typically outlines testing procedures and criteria that EMT conduit must meet to be considered compliant. This may include mechanical and chemical properties, as well as performance under certain conditions.
Compliance and Installation:

Local Code Adherence:

Installations using EMT conduit must comply with local electrical codes, which may reference ANSI C80.3. Adherence to these standards ensures the safety and reliability of electrical systems.

Proper Installation Practices:

ANSI C80.3 may provide recommendations for the proper installation of EMT conduit, covering aspects such as supports, bends, and connections to maintain the conduit’s integrity and effectiveness.

ANSI C80.3 plays a crucial role in standardizing the manufacturing and use of steel electrical metallic tubing. Compliance with these specifications ensures that EMT conduit installations are reliable, consistent, and meet the necessary safety standards. Professionals in the electrical industry, including manufacturers, installers, and inspectors, rely on ANSI C80.3 to create and maintain robust electrical systems.