Transformers, Stabilizers, Generators, UPS, Switchgears, Panels, Actuators.


Valve, Motorised valves.


Rubber chemicals, Adhesives, Plasticizers, Polymer additives and many more products.


Cement, Granite, Bitumen, Binding wires, Rubber, Fitting and Bathroom Sanitary and all construction materials.

Equipments & Machinery

Bulldozers, Graders, Trucks, Forklift, Hauler, Asphalt paver, Loaders, etc.

Metals & Minerals

Pipes - (Copper, GI), Sheets - (GI, MS), Copper Rolls, pipes, Iron, Steel, Structural Steel, etc.

HVAC & Refrigeration

VRV / VRF, Fans, Scrubbers , Humidifiers, Chillers, Compressor, Refrigerators, Ice Plants, etc.

Safety & Security

Detectors (smoke, heat, multi-parameter, gas), Fire Alarm Panel, Gas Control Panel, VESDA, Security Cameras.

IT & Networking

Modems, Routers, Network Adapters, Network Antennas, etc.


Public Address System, Audio System, Projectors, Theatre Audio.