VRF Copper Refnet Joints

Salient Features

  • Piping Network: 2 Pipe / 3 Pipe
  • Rust proof
  • Resistant to high impact
  • Can withstand high temperature and high pressure
  • High density copper pipe
  • High durability, no leakage

A Refnet joint, often spelled as “RefNet joint” or “refnet joint,” is a term commonly associated with the HVAC industry. It refers to a type of connection used in Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems. VRF systems are advanced HVAC systems that allow for the simultaneous heating and cooling of different spaces within a building, providing energy-efficient climate control.

The Refnet joint is an essential component in VRF systems, and it plays a crucial role in connecting the various indoor and outdoor units, as well as the refrigerant piping. These joints are designed to ensure a secure and efficient connection between the different components of the VRF system, allowing for the smooth flow of refrigerant to provide heating or cooling as needed in different zones or rooms.