Copper Ref Joints for VRV / VRF Units

RefNet, Ref joints, Y joints, refrigerant joints for VRV / VRF air-conditioners for various manufacturers like Daikin, Samsung, Hitachi, Trane, York, JCI, Mitsubishi etc.


Copper Ref Joints – For VRF, VRV Air-conditioning Units

for Chiller units of Daikin, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Trane, Midea, Bluestar, Hitachi

We offer high quality copper ref joints for all types of VRV, VRF units. Refnet joints, Refnet, refrigerant joints are also other industry practice names.

Our ref joints are manufactured with latest technology. These are designed to meet precise application requirements.
These are made of copper with precise dimensions and specified designs.

We offer Ref joints for all types and make of VRF, VRV units. It includes Daikin, Samsung, Hitachi, Bluestar, Trane, York, Johnson Controls, Midea etc.

Copper Y Joints / RefNet / Ref Joints - for VRF / VRV Airconditioner
Copper Y Joints / RefNet / Ref Joints – for VRF / VRV Air-conditioner

We also offer other accessories and components used in VRV / VRF application:

  • Copper U-bends & C-Bends
  • Couplings & Distributors
  • Copper Tube Headers
  • Branch piping insulation
  • VRF branch piping kits
  • Refrigerant branch pipes
  • Copper branch piping kits
  • Y Fitting Copper
  • Copper Tee Fitting
  • VRF Y Joint
  • Chillers Copper Assemblies
  • VRV Refnet Joints
  • Installation kit Connecting pipes for air conditioner part
  • Brass & Other Machined Component


  • Accessible in a very form of sizes and designs for meeting the various demands of different VRV requirement
  • Tube diameter range up to 54mm
  • Professional welding technology assure no leakage
  • Rated work pressure up to 650 psi

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