Volume control dampers (VCD)

Volume control damper (VCD) with leakage class 1, 2, 3; aluminum, stainless steel, galvanised steel material; with / without plenum; balancing, backdraft, pressure relief


Volume control damper (VCD) for HVAC, Air ventilation

for pressure, air flow, temperature control, manual / motorised, BMS compatible, Aluminum / GI/ SS construction

Stainless steel volume control damper with airfoil blades, leakage class
Stainless steel volume control damper with airfoil blades, leakage class

We offer air volume control damper in a diverse range of size, shape and material of constructions. VCD can be supplied depending upon configuration requirement – rectangle and round, safety applications, low-leakage and heavy duty industrial needs, and back-draft for pressure relief. Ideal for outdoor air applications that require low-leakage rated dampers, our HVAC dampers prevent hot or cold outside air from penetrating your building.

About Volume control dampers (VCD)

These VCD are used to control air flow in air duct. These units comes with complete manual quadrant or motorized actuators. The Volume control dampers help to adjust the air flow volume to the other parts of this duct system. These dampers can be fixed within the duct itself and can be automatic or manual.


  • Manual volume control damper
  • Constant air volume control damper
  • Motorised volume control damper / VCD
  • Aluminum air control damper
  • Stainless Steel damper
  • Backdraft control damper
  • Round Control Damper
  • Round Balancing Damper
  • Control damper with plenum
  • Pressure Relief damper
  • Balancing Damper
  • Galvanized Steel Damper


  • Pressure, Air flow control
  • Manual as well as Motorised operation control
  • Optional: Leakage Class 1, Class 3
  • Controller with BacNet / LON compatible
  • Modulating actuator for temperature, pressure sensor signal inputs
  • Also available in ATEX version


for installation with ducts, plenum, diffusers, grills, nozzles etc, in air-conditioning, air ventilation HVAC application of:

  • Office, cabins
  • Conference halls, auditorium
  • Malls, theatre
  • Commercial places, banquet hall
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Restaurant, Food Cafes
  • Hotels, resorts

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Air volume control


BMS compatible


Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Galvanised Steel


manual, motorised / actuator