Square, Rectangular Polypropylene (PP) Storage Tank

For all kinds of liquid storage applications.

Salient Features

  • Storage capacity 1000L ~ 30000L.
  • High tensile and compressive strength.
  • Light weight, sturdy.
  • Wall thickness more than 5 mm.
  • Max pressure upto 250 psi.

Other Features

  • Long-lasting and durable construction.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • 100% leak-proof.
  • Long life, no maintenance required.

A polypropylene tank is a type of storage container made from polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer. Polypropylene is a popular material choice for tanks due to its excellent chemical resistance, durability, and affordability. Polypropylene chemical tanks safely store and transport various liquids, including corrosive chemicals, acids, alkalis, solvents, and potable water.


  • Chemical Processing: Polypropylene tanks store and handle various chemicals, acids, alkalis, and corrosive substances.
  • Water Treatment: For storing chemicals used in water purification processes, such as chlorine, sodium hydroxide, and other water treatment chemicals.
  • Metal Finishing: Suitable for plating and metal finishing operations, where they hold various solutions and chemicals involved in the surface treatment of metals.
  • Electronics Manufacturing: Tanks store etching solutions and chemicals in electronics for printed circuit board manufacturing.
  • Pharmaceutical: Utilized for storing pharmaceutical intermediates and various chemicals required in pharmaceutical production.
  • Galvanization: Galvanizing processes use these to hold protective layers like zinc in metal coatings.
  • Textile Industry: These tanks store and handle dyes, bleaches, and other chemicals used in the dyeing and printing processes.
  • Waste Water Treatment: Polypropylene tanks are suitable for storing chemicals used in wastewater treatment to remove impurities and pollutants.
  • Food and Beverage: Store food-grade substances like fruit juices, oils, and additives.
  • Agricultural and Horticultural: Used for storing fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

Standards and Certifications

  • ASTM D1998
  • ASTM D4101
  • ISO 10931
  • ASME RTP-1
  • NSF/ANSI 61

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