Soft Drawn Copper Tubes for VRF Air-conditioners

Soft drawn, annealed, bending type copper tubes, coils, pipe for various gauge, length, size, surface finish with high quality. Suitable for VRF, VRV, Air-conditioner, Chiller applications


Soft Drawn Copper Tubes for VRF / VRV / Chillers / Air-Conditioners

high quality, Precise manufactured, best performance

Copper Tubes Soft Drawn Coils, Pipes
Soft Drawn Copper Tubes Coils, Pipes

We offer high quality soft drawn copper tubes for air-conditioning and refrigeration applications. These are used and installed in VRF (variable refrigerant flow), VRV (variable refrigerant volume), Chillers and Air-conditioning units.

We offer wide range of copper refrigeration and air-conditioning tube that is manufactured in accordance required guidelines and certification. Various size, gauge and length are available as per customer’s requirement.

Copper tubing is most often used for the supply of hot and cold tap water, and as a refrigerant line in HVAC systems. There are two basic types of copper tubing, soft copper and hard copper. Copper tubing is joined using flare connection, compression connection, or solder.

Copper tube specifications

MaterialSoft drawn copper tubes, pipes, coils
Standard / Testing
Material Type
  • T1, T2, C10100, C10200, C10300, C10400, C10500, C10700, C10800
  • C10910, C10920, TP1, TP2, C10930, C11000, C11300, C11400, C11500
  • C11600, C12000, C12200, C12300, TU1, TU2, C12500, C14200, C14420
  • C14500, C14510, C14520, C14530, C17200, C19200, C21000, C23000
  • C26000, C27000, C27400, C28000, C33000, C33200, C37000, C44300
  • C44400, C44500, C60800, C63020, C65500, C68700, C70400, C70600
  • C70620, C71000, C71500, C71520, C71640, C72200 etc.
ShapeRound, Coil, Square, Rectangular, etc.
SpecificationsRoundWall thickness: 0.2mm~120mm
Outside Diameter: 2mm~910mm
SquareWall thickness: 0.2mm~120mm
Size: 2mm*2mm~1016mm*1016mm
RectangularWall thickness: 0.2mm~910mm
Size: 2mm*4mm~1016mm*1219mm
Length3m, 5.8m, 6m, 11.8m, 12m or as required.
Hardness1/16 hard, 1/8 hard, 3/8 hard, 1/4 hard, 1/2hard, full hard, soft, etc
Surfacemill, polished, bright, oiled, hair line, brush, mirror, sand blast or as required.

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Soft Drawn, Annealed, Bending