Siemens GNA326.1E – Fire & Smoke Damper Electric Actuator

Siemens GNA326.1E is quarter turn / 90° turn fire and smoke electric actuator with spring return feature for fail-safe position. It is housed in IP54 protected metallic enclosure with 2-aux. position switches.


Siemens GNA326.1E – Spring Return Electric Actuator for Fire & Smoke Dampers

Fire and smoke damper actuator Siemens GNA326.1E is robust, high performance spring return or fail-safe electric actuator for motorised operation of safety dampers, like fire dampers, fire smoke damper, smoke dampers.

When control signal is applied, actuator drives the damper to operational position, while evenly tensioning the integrated spring. Therefore, in case of power failure, like smoke or fire incidence, the store energy in the spring immediately bring the damper to the safety position. It is equipped with 2 position auxiliary switches and 230VAC powered. GNA326.1E also comes with or without temperature monitoring unit.


Product Nomenclature / Specifications
GNA326.1E Spring return electric actuator
X = blank, without temperature monitoring unit
= T, with temperature monitoring unit
X 10 = 10 x 10 link shaft (mm)
12 = 12 x 12  link shaft (mm)


Actuator Model GNA 326.1E
Torque 7 Nm
Run time motor 90 sec
Run time Spring retun 15 sec
Supply 230 V AC, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption Running: 4.5 W
Control Signal 2-point
Angle of Rotation 90°
Ingress Protection IP 54
Enclosure metal housing made from die-cast aluminum

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