Round Tube / Vane Axial Fan – AMCA Certified

Axial fan

AMCA certified, High temperature rated UL/CE certified, high efficiency, High FEG, Corrosion resistant, Silent operation

Axial fans are designed to move air through them in an axial direction, for fresh air intake and exhaust air outlet. High temperature rated fans are employed for fire and smoke exhaust application. Axial fans are ideal for building ventilation, underground / basement parking, warehouse, factory, manufacturing unit, battery rooms, cold rooms etc. 



Key Features:

  • Fan Type: Vane guided (Integral straightening vanes), Tube type round axial air flow
  • Available size: 300 mm to 2400 mm
  • Static pressure: up to 100 mmWC
  • High operation efficiency up to 90% 
  • AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association) certified for air performance and sound levels.
  • High temperature rated up to 400 deg for 2 hour operation, with CE, UL-certification
  • High fan efficiency Grade (FEG) up to 84%
  • Available: Explosion-proof motors, ATEX / UL certified
  • Corrosion-resistant fans with hot-dipped galvanized casing
  • Material available: Cast aluminum, stainless steel construction
  • Design: Airfoil blades
  • Mounting Orientation: Horizontal air discharge – Base mount, Duct mount, Wall mount,  Vertical air discharge: ceiling / roof mount

Motor Specifications:

  • Motors available: TEFC (Totally enclosed, fan Cooled), 
  • Available Motor Class: Class ‘F’ (ambient air temperature), Class ‘H’ (high temperature operation)
  • Ingress protection: IP55 protection.
  • Available motor efficiency: IE1, IE2, IE3, and IE4
  • Motor speed: 2–8 poles (750–3600 RPM)
  • Available: VFD-rated / compliance, non-VFD Rated

 Suggested Applications

  • Commercial and residential buildings, apartment
  • Hospitals, Offices, Hotels, mixed development buildings
  • Underground spaces: car parks, garages, strategic bunkers, etc.
  • Metro stations, transport warehouse, Railway stations
  • Shopping centers
  • Hotels, Airports
  • Manufacturing facilities, warehouses, industrial process
  • Tunnel Ventilation
  • Pressurisation: staircase, lift well

 Standards / Compliance Available:

  • AMCA Air and Sound Performance (Air Movement & Control Association)
  • CE
  • UL Listed
  • CSA
  • FM
  • TUV

Options and Accessories:

  • Mounting brackets
  • Inlet and outlet bells
  • Companion flanges
  • Isolators
  • Silencers
  • Fan hood, Canopy