RCC Spun / Hume Pipes


  • Diameter: From 150mm to 3600mm.
  • Length: 2.5 meters, can be manufactured in longer lengths for specific applications.
  • Wall thickness: From 10mm to 100mm.
  • Class: NP1, NP2, NP3 and NP4.
  • Joint type: Spigot and socket joints, flush joint, collar joint, etc.
  • Surface finish: Smooth or rough surface finish.
  • Color: Gray in color, can be painted or coated for aesthetic purposes.
  • Strength: Class 25, Class 30, Class 35, upto Class 120.

Other Features

  • High strength and durability.
  • Corrosion resistance and leak-proof.
  • Easy to install and requires low maintenance.

RCC pipe or Reinforced Cement Concrete pipes are a type of concrete pipe that are reinforced with steel bars or mesh to provide additional strength and durability.

RCC pipes are commonly used in various applications, such as sewage and drainage systems, irrigation systems, culverts, and water supply systems. They are available in various sizes and specifications to suit different project requirements. Additionally, they are designed and manufactured in accordance with various national and international standards to ensure quality and reliability.

We are supplier of 6 inch cement pipe, 8 inch hume pipe, 24 inch RCC hume pipe, Hume pipes, RCC pipes, spun pipes are available in various sizes.


  • Sewage and drainage systems.
  • Irrigation systems.
  • Culverts.
  • Water supply systems.
  • Stormwater drainage.
  • Bridge construction.
  • Industrial applications.

Standards and Certifications

  • IS 458:2003
  • IS 3597:1998
  • IS 651:2007
  • IS 783:1985
  • BS 5911-1:2002
  • ASTM C76/C76M-21
  • ASTM C506-20
  • EN 1916:2002
  • EN 12764:2005
  • AS/NZS 4058:2007
  • AS/NZS 3725:2007

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