Honeywell FEMA Pressure Switch – DCM / DNM

DCM / DNM series is a universal, industrial grade, heavy duty pressure switch for all corrosive, non-aggressive liquids, water, gases. It can be used in general mechanical engineering, printing machine industry, as well as in pneumatics and hydraulics, including effluent treatment, alcohol industry, manufacturing plant, automobiles etc.


Pressure Switch – Honeywell DCM / DNM

universal pressure switch can be used in general mechanical engineering and the printing machine industry, as well as in pneumatics and hydraulics. Thus, it can be used in effluent treatment plant, sea water application, chemicals, hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, STP, WTP etc.

Pressure connection External thread G 1/2 (pressure gauge connection) according to DIN 16 288 and internal thread G 1/4 according to ISO 228 Part 1
Switching Device Housing (200) made of sea water resistant, diecast aluminium GD AI Si 12
Protection class IP 54, in vertical position
Pressure sensor materials DNM025…DCM63 Metal bellows: 1.4571; Sensor housing: 1.4104
DCM025 – DCM 1 Metal bellows: Cu; Sensor housing: Cu + Ms
DCM4016 / DCM4025 Diaphragm: Perbunan; Sensor housing: 1.4301
DCM1000 Diaphragm: Perbunan; Sensor housing: Brass
Mounting position Vertically upright and horizontal. DCM4016 and 4025 vertically upright.
Ambient temp. at switching device –25…+70 °C, except: DCM4016, 4025, 1000: –15…+60 °C
Max. medium temperature Maximum medium temperature at the pressure sensor must not exceed permitted ambient temperature at the switching device. Temperatures may reach 85°C for short periods). Higher medium temperatures are possible provided the above limit values for the switching device are ensured by suitable measures (e.g. siphon).
Mounting Directly on the pressure line (pressure gauge connection) or on a flat surface with two 4 mm Ø screws.
Switching pressure Adjustable from outside with screwdriver.
Switching differential Not adjustable with DCM and types. Adjustable from outside with DCMV types
Contact arrangement Single-pole changeover switch

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Liquids, Water, Chemical, Sea water, Gases