Lutron Occupancy Sensor – PIR / XCT based, wire / wireless

Lutron make occupancy or motion sensor based on advance PIR or XCT or Ultrasonic or combined technology. It can be integrated with BMS system for lighting control and automation. Occupancy sensor helps in meeting green building (LEED, IGBC, GRIHA) criteria and rating. Also, help in huge energy savings, and thereby earning carbon credits


Lutron Occupancy Sensor Transmitter – PIR / XCT Based

wired / wireless for residential, commercial application

Lutron Occupancy Sensor for office, school, residential, Malls
Lutron Occupancy Sensor for office, school, residential, Malls

Occupancy sensor or vacancy sensors detect space occupancy and automatically turn lights on when you enter a room and off when you leave. It is a smart and easy way to save energy in commercial applications.
Occupancy sensors eliminates need to manually turn lights on or off. Also, these sensors automatically turn lights on, a person never has to enter a dark room.

Lutron offers highly reliable and accurate occupancy sensor for different sensitivity and applications. These find application in lighting automation and control in residential and commercial areas.

Sensors help meet the mandatory requirements set for building construction and renovation. It also contribute to obtaining points in several LEED credit categories.

Compliance to Building energy and green codes / standards

  • ASHRAE 90.1–2010 (energy standard for commercial buildings)
    • Automatic Lighting Shutoff (
    • Space Control (
    • Additional Control (
  • ASHRAE 189.1-2011 (high-performance green building standard)
    • Occupancy Sensor Controls with Multi-level Switching or Dimming (
  • IECC 2012 (International Energy Conservation Code)
    • Occupancy Sensors (405.2.2.2)
  • IgCC 2012 (International Green Construction Code)
    • Interior Light Reduction Controls (608.3)
  • Title 24 – 2013 Part 6 (California’s energy standard
Lutron occupancy sensor centre mount
Ceiling mount – 180 deg occupancy sensor

Type of Sensors available:

  • PIR (Passive infra red) technology: suitable for course or major motion detection eg. person walking 3 ft or movement
  • PIR with XCT technlogy: suitable for minor motions like movement of arms
  • Ultrasonic technology: suitable for fine motions like turning / flipping of book pages
  • Dual technology: it monitor very fine movement such as typing, tapping
  • Dual technology with XCT: suitable for fine movement as well as light level monitoring and control automation.

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PIR, XCT, Ultrasonic, Combined


Wired, Wireless. Ceiling, Wall, Surface mount