Low Noise Ceiling Exhaust Fan with Energy saving motor, Lights

Dual Speed Centrifugal high pressure, Ceiling mount Exhaust Fans aesthetically designed with UV resistant ABS material, for continuous, silent operation for toilet, bathroom, cabins, utility areas, kitchen etc. ventilation application. Optional with LED lights, humidity, motion, temperature sensor


Low Noise Ceiling mount Exhaust Fan

UV Resistant Material, Aesthetic Look, energy saving dual speed motor, LED lighting, humidity sensor for automated operation, low Noise
for toilet, bathroom, kitchen, rooms

Low noise ceiling mount exhaust fan with dual speed energy saving motor, LED lights, humidity sensor
Low noise ceiling mount exhaust fan with dual speed energy saving motor, LED lights, humidity sensor

We offer high pressure, low noise centrifugal type ceiling mount exhaust fan. It has dual speed motor which can automated speed depending on humidity or motion control sensor.

Fan is aesthetically designed with various options of front panel. It also comes with option of LED light to work as ceiling light as well as ventilation fan.

These ceiling exhaust fans can be mounted easily with help of clamps or screws. These are suitable for continuous exhaust ventilation of bathrooms, showers cubicles, kitchens, utility spaces, cabins etc.

Exhaust Fans are available for various air duct size including 100mm and 150 mm diameter.


  • Silent, low noise operation
  • Centrifugal impeller with backward / forward curve blades
  • High pressure but low noise design
  • Gravity back-draft damper / valve for prevent backward air flow
  • UV resistant yet high quality durable ABS Plastic for front panel, impeller, casing
  • No color fading or ageing of material
  • Choice of decorative front panel to suit interior
  • High efficiency motor and impeller
  • Optional: humidity sensor for automated motor speed switching
  • Optional: LED light bulb for area lighting
  • Ingress protected motor
  • Motor overheating protection
  • Dual speed energy saving motor


  • Toilet, Bathrooms
  • Cabins, Porta cabins
  • Restaurant, Food Cafes
  • Offices, Trade kiosks
  • Flats, cottages

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