Ladder Cable Trays – MS / GI / SS / Aluminium

We offer high quality ladder cable trays in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and galvanised steel (GI) in various thickness, size, width, and specifications.


Ladder Cable Trays – Various size, material, specifications

We are one of best wholesale supplier of high quality ladder cable trays in various material, sizes, thickness and specifications. High Strength Ladder Type Cable trays are designed specially for heavy duty power distribution in industrial facilities.

Ladder Cable Trays - Metal / Steel / GI
Ladder Cable Trays – Metal / Steel / GI

Ladder cable trays cover about 75% of cable tray wiring system installations. It is the main cable tray type due to its many desirable advantages:

  1. It offers maximum free flow of air across the cables, when used without covers. This allows effective dissipation of heat produced in the cable’s conductors, thus help keeping cable insulation temperature within its maximum operating range. Hence, cables will not prematurely age.
  2. Rungs of cable trays provide sufficient anchors for tying down the cables. Under fault conditions (short circuit), the magnetic forces produced by the fault current will force the single conductor cables from the cable tray if they are not securely anchored to the cable tray
  3. Cables may exit or enter the ladder cable trays through the top or the bottom of the cable tray.
  4. Moisture can’t accumulate in ladder cable trays.
  5. Working space of these trays can be accessed easily by hands.

Available type / specifications

Types• Ladder Straight Run         • Ladder Inward Bend
• Ladder Outward Bend      • Ladder Bolted Type
Types• Light Duty       • Medium Duty
• Heavy Duty
WidthFrom 100 mm to 1500 mm
DepthFrom 50 mm to 150 mm
ThicknessFrom 1 mm to 3.0 mm
Materials / FinishMild Steel – HR IS 1079Powder Coated
Mild Steel – CR IS 513Powder Coated
Pregalvanised IS 277Self Finish
Aluminium IS 737Self Finish / Powder Coated Self Finish
Pregalvanised IS 277Self Finish
Stainless Steel (SS 304)Self Finish
AccessoriesHorizontal 90° Elbow
Vertical Riser
Horizontal Tee
Horizontal Cross
Vertical Adjustable Splice Plate
Horizontal Adjustable Splice Plate
Reducer Plate
Flat & Dome Combined
Dome Type

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Ladder Type


MS, Stainless Steel, GI, Aluminium


1.0 mm to 3.00mm