Kevlar® Safety Gloves for Cut-Resistant, high temperature

Kevlar® fabric, material made safety gloves, sleeves, apron etc. for personal protection against cut, thermal shock, heat, abrasion etc.


Kevlar Safety Gloves for cut, abrasion, thermal shock protection

for personal protection in industrial works

Kevlar safety gloves for protection against cut, abrasives, thermal shock
Kevlar safety gloves for protection against cut, abrasives, thermal shock

Kevlar® fiber made safety gloves and sleeves are not only incredibly cut-resistant but are inherently flame-resistant. These don’t  burn, support combustion, or melt, hence ideal choice for operators working in heat, thermal area or prone to sharp edges, cuts etc. These are far better than nylon, leather or high-performance polyethylene gloves.


  • Made from Kevlar fabric and stitched with Kevlar threads (finger type hand gloves)
  • Inner lining: woolen & FR Fabric
  • High heat / thermal resistance up to 550°C continuous working temperature and 850° C short term working temperature.
  • Size : 12″ to 22″
Kevlar® gloves without coating (Knitted)Generally used in automotive industry and metal stampingIdeal for handling large metal parts, sheet metal; easy-to-wash for a repeated use, cut-resistant
Kevlar® Gloves with coatingWide range of applications from parts assembly and work with electricity to constructionPerfect adept and grip for handling fine parts, cut protection; will not melt, ignite, or conduct electricity, cut-resistant
Leather gloves with Kevlar® lining, PVC palmCorrosive Applications include oil and gas industry, chemical, constructionExtremely durable, great abrasion resistance, flame- and cut-resistant

Type of Safety Gloves

  • Fabric or Cotton Gloves
  • Coated Fabric Gloves
    • Latex type
    • Nitrile type
    • Polyurethane type
    • PVC made
  • Rubber, Plastic, or Synthetic Gloves
    • Suitable for protection against Bio-hazards, Oils, Solvents, Grease, Chemicals etc.
  • Leather Gloves
    • Good grip, resists sparks, and protects against sharp or abrasive surfaces
  • Aluminium Gloves
    • High-heat-resistant gloves, suitable for wielding, foundry work
  • Kevlar Gloves
    • Light weight, durable, resistance to cut, abrasions, thermal shock
  • Impact-Resistant and Vibration-Resistant Gloves
  • Chemical- and Liquid-Resistant Gloves
    • designed as per the hazardous / oil / liquid type


  • Chemical, Oil, lubricants
  • Wielding, foundry
  • Mechanical, Electrical appliance handling

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