Joventa SER / SEL – Electric Actuator

Joventa SER / SEL  is an electric actuator with right or left rotation with 90 deg angle of rotation. It is equipped with mechanical lock facility in case of power failure, as required in smoke extraction motorised dampers.


Joventa SER / SEL – Smoke extraction electric actuator

Security smoke electric actuator Joventa SER or SEL series has specially designed developed for motorised operation of smoke extraction dampers, like fire smoke damper, smoke dampers.

When control signal is applied, actuator drives the damper to operational position. In case of power failure, like smoke or fire incidence, the drive gears are mechanically locked, thus meeting requirement of standard DIN V 18232 T6.

Product Nomenclature / Specifications
SSafety actuator
ESmoke Extraction
RR = Right or L = Left for spring return direction
11 = AC/DC 24V or 2 = AC 230V supply voltage
9090 or 180 = angle of rotation
1010 / 11/ 12 / 14 = mm square shaft adaptor
SS = with 2 auxiliary switches


Actuator ModelSE..1.90..SE..2.90..
Torque40 Nm40Nm
Run time ON60 sec60 sec
Run time OFF60 sec60 sec
Supply24V AC/DC, 50-60Hz230V AC, 50-60Hz
Power ConsumptionRunning: 7.0 W;
At End Position: 0.7 W
Running: 12.0 W;
At End Position: 3.7 W
Control Signal2-point2-point
Angle of Rotation90°90°
Ingress ProtectionIP 54IP 54
StandardsMechanics EN 60 529 / EN 60 730-2-14
Electronics EN 60 730-2-14
EMC Emissions EN 50 081-1:92 / IEC 61 000-6-3:96
EMC Immunity EN 50 082-2:95 / IEC 61 000-6-2:99

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