Joventa DM2 – Modulating Electric Actuator 230VAC

Joventa DM2.2 / DML2.2 / DMS2.2 is modulating type electric actuator 230VAC powered, with quarter turn / 90° angle of rotation. Actuator is used for controlled operation of motorised dampers and valve in ventilation, MEP, air-conditioning. It is equipped with manual release button for override function.


Joventa DM2.2 – Modulating Electric Actuator with aux. switches

Joventa DM2.2 / DMS2.2 / DML2.2 are standard modulating electric actuator designed for signal controlled working of air dampers in ventilation and air-conditioning systems. These are 230VAC powered.

It is compact, low noise, rugged performance and comes with universal adapter fitted with limitation of angle of rotation. Joventa actuator is used for controlled and proportional opening dampers & valves in air-conditioning, ventilation and MEP applications. It is also equipped with manual release button, for override function.

Product Nomenclature / Specifications
DM2.2 Modulating Damper actuator
X  = S with 8 Nm torque;  = blank with 16 Nm torque;  = L with 24 Nm torque
S with aux. switches (2 units)
K with 1m halogen free cable


Actuator Model DMS2.2(S) DM2.2(S) DML2.2(S)
Torque 8 Nm 16 Nm 24 Nm
Run time 30..45 sec 80..110 sec 125..160 sec
Supply 230V AC, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption Running: 5.5 W; At End Position: 0.6 W
Control Signal DC 0(2)…10V
Position Signal DC 0(2)…10V
Angle of Rotation / working range 90° (93° mech)
Angle of Rotation / limitation 5°…85° in 5° < steps
Ingress Protection IP 54
Standards Mechanics EN 60 529 / EN 60 730-2-14
Electronics EN 60 730-2-14
EMC Emissions EN 50 081-1:92 / IEC 61 000-6-3:96
EMC Immunity EN 50 082-2:95 / IEC 61 000-6-2:99

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DMS2.2(S) / DM2.2(S) / DML2.2(S)