Joventa DAD / DAB – On/ Off Electric Actuator

Joventa DAD / DAB is an on/ off type, low torque electric actuator with quarter turn / 90 deg angle of rotation. It is equipped with manual release button for override function, and used in motorised dampers and valve in ventilation, MEP, air-conditioning.


Joventa DAD / DAB – On / Off type, Low torque electric actuator

Joventa DAD / DABD series is small size, low torque electric actuator for On / Off operation of air dampers in ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

It is compact, low noise, rugged performance for low torque requirements. It is also equipped with manual release button, for override function.

Product Nomenclature / Specifications
DA Damper actuator
X  = B with 2 Nm torque;  = D with 4 Nm torque
1.4X blank = with 1.2 m halogen free cable; C = with plug-in terminal block connection



Actuator Model DAB1.4 DAB1.4C DAD1.4 DAD1.4C
Torque 2 Nm 4 Nm
Connection 1.2 m 3-pole terminal block plug-in 1.2 m 3-pole terminal block plug-in
Run time ON 36 sec 72 sec
Supply 24V AC, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption Running: 1.8 W; At End Position: 1.8 W Running: 2.2 W; At End Position: 2.2 W
Control Signal 3-point
Angle of Rotation 93° < +/-3°
Ingress Protection IP 42
Standards Mechanics EN 60 529 / EN 60 730-2-14
Electronics EN 60 730-2-14
EMC Emissions EN 50 081-1:92 / IEC 61 000-6-3:96
EMC Immunity EN 50 082-2:95 / IEC 61 000-6-2:99

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