Ionization, Photoelectric Smoke Detector

For homes, industrial plants, commercial and residential buildings.

Salient Features

  • With wide operating voltage and low standby current.
  • Detectors with battery for continuous operation, independent of power supply.
  • Alarm sound level ranges from 85 dB to 120 dB.
  • Removable detector cover and chamber.
  • Automatic Sensitivity window verification function meets
    outlined requirements in NFPA 72, Chapters 2 & 7 inspections, testing and maintenance.
  • 2 or 4 wire base compatibility, also built in test switch.

Other Features

  • Advanced detection and communication protocol.
  • Dual LED indication for 360° viewing angle.
  • Smart features like CO detection, voice alarm, false alarm reduction and programmable sensitivity.
  • Highly stable operation, RF/Transient protection.

Smoke detector is essential safety devices designed to detect smoke and alert people to the presence of a fire. They work by constantly monitoring the air for smoke particles, and when smoke is detected, they emit a loud, piercing alarm to alert people in the building to evacuate.

There are different types of smoke detectors, including ionization smoke detector, which detect small particles produced by fast-burning fires, and photoelectric smoke detectors, which detect larger particles produced by smoldering fires.


  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial settings
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Transportation systems
  • Public spaces

Standards and Certifications

  • UL 217
  • FM Approved
  • CE Marked
  • IS 2175 – 1988
  • IS 2189:1988
  • IS 2175:1988
  • IS 11360:1985
  • VdS Approved

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