Industrial Axial Fan


  • AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association) certified for air performance and sound levels.
  • CE, UL certified for high temperature operation upto 80 deg cel.
  • Available sizes upto 1600mm diameter.
  • High static pressure up to 2100 Pa and capacity up to 600,000 m3/h.
  • High fan efficiency (upto 84% FEG) vane axial fan.
  • Various motors options available: Single or two.
  • Cast aluminum, steel, and stainless steel construction

Salient Features

  • Compact design with low installed noise levels
  • High efficiency IE3, IE4, IE5 motor
  • Explosion proof motors
  • Aerodynamically designed aluminum air foil blades
  • Corrosion resistance fans with galvanized casing

Industrial axial fans are type of fan that causes gas to flow through it in an axial direction, parallel to the shaft about which the blades rotate. The flow is axial at entry and exit. Axial fans are either belt driven or direct driven.

Axial fans can further be described into three types depending on there design of construction:

  1. Vane axial fans: Vane-axial fans have guide vanes that improve the efficiency and operate at pressures up to 5000 Pa. Efficiency is up to 85%.
  2. Tube axial fans: Tube-axial fans turn faster than propeller fans, enabling operation under high-pressures 2500 – 4000 Pa with an efficiency of up to 65%.
  3. Propeller axial fans: Propeller fans usually run at low speeds and handle large volumes of gas at low pressure. Mostly used as exhaust fans these have an efficiency of around 50% or less.

Also these fans are used in a wide range of HVAC applications, including ventilation, air conditioning, and heating. They are used to move air through ducts, supply air to rooms, or exhaust air from spaces. In addition, axial fans comes in various sizes, from small fans used in personal cooling devices to large industrial fans used in commercial and industrial settings.

We are exporter Axial Flow Fans, AC Axial Fan, Vane Axial Fan, Tube Axial Fan, Exhaust Axial Fan, Industrial Centrifugal Fan, Industrial Fans. Also, Inline Fan, Roof Fan, Propeller Fans, Wall mounted axial fans, Hooded roof axial fans, Upblast roof axial fans are available. Axial-flow fans equipped with adjustable / variable pitch blades are also available to meet varying flow requirements.

Axial Fans Applications
  • Ventilation
  • Air Conditioning
  • Parking garage and storage facility exhaust
  • Industrial process ventilation
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) Systems
  • Tunnel ventilation
  • Emergency smoke and heat exhaust
Standards and Certifications
  • AMCA Air and Sound Performance
  • ISO 1940 Standards
  • CE Certified
  • UL Listed

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