Industrial Centrifugal Air Blower


  • Air Flow upto 810 m³/h (28,604.88 ft³/h)
  • Operating pressure 2200 Pa
  • Length 250 ~ 500mm
  • Height 250 ~ 500mm
  • Voltage / frequency 220 v / 50 Hz, 220 v / 60 Hz, 380 v / 50 Hz, 380 v / 60 Hz
  • Number of stages single-stage
  • Depth upto 400mm
  • Blower Type: Radial blower

Salient Features

  • Protection Class: (IEC 60529)IP54, I
  • Compact design, high performance
  • Easy installation
  • High efficiency motor IE3
  • In compliance with ATEX standards
  • Energy efficient
  • Low noise, soundproof blower with (50db)


An industrial air blower is a mechanical device used to create a controlled flow of air or gas in various industrial processes. It’s designed to generate a high volume of air or gas movement, which can be utilized for tasks such as ventilation, cooling, drying, exhausting, or transporting materials in factories, workshops, and other industrial settings.

Air Blower Applications

  • Manufacturing: They are used for cooling machinery, providing ventilation in workspaces, and transporting materials along assembly lines.
  • Mining: Air blowers are utilized for ventilation in underground mines to ensure a safe and breathable environment for workers.
  • Construction: They help with drying concrete, providing fresh air in confined spaces, and exhausting fumes from construction sites.
  • Wastewater Treatment: Blowers are employed in aeration processes to introduce oxygen into wastewater for efficient biological treatment.
  • Petrochemicals: They are used in processes like combustion, vapor recovery, and gas circulation.
  • Agriculture: In agricultural settings, air blowers aid in drying crops and providing ventilation in barns.
  • Food Processing: Air blowers are used for drying, cooling, and moving food products along processing lines.