AMCA Certified Impulse Jet Fans – Round, Axial type, Unidirectional

High thrust impulse jet fans for linear, silent, ductless air movement in warehouses, auditoriums, underground carparks, garage, industrial sheds, factories & manufacturing plants etc.

Salient Features:

  • AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association) certified for air performance and sound levels
  • CE, UL certified for high temperature operation upto 400 deg cel for 2 hours rating
  • ANSI/AMCA Standard 250-22 complied
  • Silent operation with high efficiency sound attenuators
  • Available sizes from 315mm to 600mm diameter
  • Available with dual speed, single speed motor to better efficiency and demand-controlled operation
  • Unidirectional, non-reversible air flow
  • Low maintenance, no rusting, no dust accumulation
  • Allow better view-area for security equipment, CCTV due to non-hinderance

Other Features

  • High thrust force, for linear air flow movement, upto 3000N
  • High electrical efficiency
  • Faster installation, saving on labour, project cost

Impulse Jet fans, also known as impulse fans or induction fans are installed for forced air ventilation, where ductless air movement is required. These jet impulse fans are available in following type, depending upon air movement:

  • Round axial type jet fans: Round axial type jet fans are a ventilation system designed for efficient air circulation in enclosed spaces, especially tunnels and underground parking garages.
  • Rectangular centrifugal type jet fans: Rectangular centrifugal type jet fans are a type of ventilation system utilized for air circulation and ventilation in enclosed spaces. The rectangular centrifugal jet fans, unlike the round axial jet fans, have a rectangular or square design.

Jet impulse fans work by inducing and directing air flow within an enclosed space, providing fresh air and removing harmful pollutants, such as carbon monoxide and other exhaust gases.

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  • Car parks.
  • Tunnels.
  • Metro stations.
  • Industrial facilities.
  • Commercial buildings.

Standards and Certifications

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