Gauging Pigs

Salient Features

  • Size: 4″ ~ 40″
  • Plate Diameter: 3.50″ ~ 35″
  • Can be used whenever an obstruction is suspected / detected
  • Foam pigs with gauge plate
  • Plate material: Aluminium

Gauging pigs, in the context of pipeline maintenance and inspection, are specialized devices designed for measuring and assessing the internal dimensions and conditions of pipelines. These devices are propelled through the pipeline by the flow of the material being transported. Gauging pigs come in various types, including ultrasonic gauging pig, magnetic gauging pig, caliper gauging pig, and MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage) gauging pigs, depending on the specific measurement and detection needs of the pipeline. They play a crucial role in pipeline maintenance and integrity assessment, providing accurate measurements and data about the pipeline’s condition to ensure safe and efficient operations.


  • Obstruction Detection
  • Wall Thickness Measurement
  • Deformation Detection
  • Diameter Measurement

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