Fire Survival Low Smoke, Halogen Free – LSHF Cables

Fire Survival Cables for hazardous areas, industrial settings, chemical plants and highly sensitive fire prone facilities.

Salient Features

  • High quality fire survival & fire resistant copper cables.
  • Low smoke zero halogen LSZH or LSHF.
  • Armoured and flexible.
  • Available for explosion proof hazardous area, as well as safe area.
  • Voltage rating 300V to 1KV.
  • Flame propagation minimum, toxicity low.
  • Fire Resistant Test: 750 DEG C for 3 Hours AS per IEC 60331.
  • Flammability : AS per IEC 60332-3-23 (Cat-B).
  • Insulation: PVC / XLPE.

Other Features

  • Acidity, toxicity in compliance with IEC 60754-2.
  • Resistant to fire with water.
  • Halogen free in compliance with IEC 60754-1.
  • Flame Propagation in compliance with EN 60332-1-2.

Fire Survival LSHF Cables, also known as fire-resistant cables or fire-rated cables, are special types of electrical cables designed to maintain their functionality and electrical integrity even during a fire. LSHF cables are constructed with materials and insulation that can withstand high temperatures, flames, and the propagation of fire.

Standards and Certifications

  • BS 7629
  • BS 7846
  • NEMA WC 58
  • UL 2196
  • NFPA 70
  • IEC Standards
  • IS Standards

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Product Portfolio and Applications:

# Cables List Applications
1 High Voltage Cable Power supply from 66kv to 220kv
2 Medium Voltage Cable Power supply from 3.3kv to 33kv
3 Low Voltage Power and Control Cable/td> Power and control supply up to 1.1kv
4 Fire Survival Cable To sustain fire integrity of 950°C for 3 hours
5 Single Core FR/FRLS/ZHFR/FS – House Wire Internal House/Office wiring
6 Single Core FR/FRLS/HRFR – Industrial Flexible Panel Wire / Industrial Flexible
7 Multi Core Flexible Industry and Internal cabling (where armouring is not required)
8 Flat Flexible Cable Submersible pump connection
9 Telephone (Dry & Jelly filled) Telephone switchboard
10 Coaxial Cable TV application
11 LAN Cable Computer application
12 Speaker Cable Speaker connection
13 Welding Cable High temp welding application
14 Solar Cable Solar panel & power application
15 Instrument Cable Instrument signalling connection
16 BMS Cable Building Management System signal cable
17 Steel Braided Cable Flexible cable with more mechanical strength