Fire Retardant Canvas Cloth – Duct, Conduits

Fire retarded, high quality, flexible canvas cloth for high temperature air, smoke, fire ducts and fan, connections etc.


Fire Retardant Canvas Cloth

Flexible, high quality, certified for smoke, high temperature exhaust ducts

Fire retardant canvas cloth for smoke, high temperature, plume exhaust
Fire retardant canvas cloth for smoke, high temperature, plume exhaust

We offer high global quality fire proof cloth fabric, silicon coated canvas, vinyl polyester fabric and cloth. These canvas are of unmatched durability and strength.

We supply range of fire-proof canvases are as per following compliance:

  • ASTM E-84
  • NFPA 701
  • BS 476
  • EN 532

These canvas are having operating temperature ranging from  -70°C up to +250°C. These are self-extinguishing properties which burns in contact with ignition source only. It prevents fire from further spreading. Such canvas are generally used for Duct Connectors within AHU / FCU, Exhaust fans, high temperature smoke exhaust fans.


  • High Quality, highly durable
  • Fit for stitching
  • Wide range of high operating temperature
  • Various material selection
  • Self extinguishing material
  • Moisture resistant
  • Available in desired size, length
  • Suitable arrangement for wide range of ducts
  • Duly compliant with required standards


  • Fire & Smoke Ducts
  • High temperature, plume exhaust
  • Building ventilation / ducts
  • Ducts, conduit, connection
  • Restaurant, Food Cafes
  • Offices, Trade kiosks

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Fire Retardant Canvas

Operating Temperature

-70°C up to +250°C