Electrostatic Air Cleaner – Dry, odour free, UV / Ozone / SPM treated

Electrostatic air cleaner or precipitator are dry type air scrubbers. These are used in commercial kitchen, canteen, food processing, oil processing plants etc. These are provided with metallic pre-filters, UV based filtration, Ozone treatment for odourless, oil free, dust free exhaust air.


Electrostatic Air Cleaner – Dry scrubber for odour free exhaust

for odour, oil free, particle free exhaust from kitchen, restaurants, canteens

Electrostatic Air Scrubber (Dry Air Cleaner) Schematic
Electrostatic Air Scrubber (Dry Air Cleaner) Schematic

Electrostatic air cleaner (sometimes known as electrostatic precipitators) are highly efficient filtration devices. These are also called dry scrubber. These uses electrical charge to remove smoke, grease, cooking fumes, oil mist, dust and oil particles in the kitchen ventilation system before exhausting into the air.

These air cleaners also provided with optional UV filter, Ozone filter for odour less exhaust, metal based pre-filter for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Typical application include commercial kitchen exhausts, Air Handling Units (AHUs), factories, workshops, CNC machine shops and many other premises.

Air Cleaner Specifications:

  • Cabinet : Galvanized Steel / Cast aluminum
  • Finishing : Powder Coated
  • Air Volume (max rated): 1500-2000 CFM max (2500-3500 CMH max)
  • Static Pressure: As per requirement
  • Voltage & Power : 230 VAC +/-10% , 50/60Hz
  • Ionization: High Voltage @ 12KVdc, Low Voltage @ 6KVdc
  • Air Flow Direction:  Right to Left (Standard), Left to Right (reversible optional)


  • Electrical protected for short circuit, over voltage, arc protection, auto power restoration
  • Multiple array of electrostatic cell for better cleaning
  • Operation safety protection with auto power cut-off, if door is opened
  • Indication LEDs
  • BMS status terminal provided for integration
  • Particle filtration for 0.01 microns to 10 microns
  • ASHRAE, NIOSH (oil mist field test) compliant
  • Cleanable filters (aluminum wire mesh) – pre, post filters
  • Ceiling / Floor mountable
  • Sufficient static pressure as well as low noise operation


  • Kitchen – Club house, hotels, motels
  • Restaurant, Food Cafes
  • Food processing units

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