Salient Features

  • Standards: ASTM D1784, IS 15778
  • Material: CPVC
  • Length: up to 5m
  • Outer Diameter: up to 60mm
  • Heat Resistant Up to 95°C
  • Fire resistant
  • Thickness: up to 10 mm
  • SDR11 working pressure @ 23°C 28.1kg/cm² & @ 82°C 7.0kg/cm²
  • SCH 40 & SCH 80 are available
  • Cost effective

CPVC stands for Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride, and it’s a type of plastic pipe commonly used in plumbing and water distribution systems. CPVC pipes are known for their durability, chemical resistance, and ability to handle both hot and cold water.


  • Industrial Applications
  • Potable Water Distribution
  • Commercial and Residential Plumbing
  • Agriculture
  • Drainage