Anti Vibration Sheet, Dampening Pad, Shock proof

High quality, suitable material for vibration isolation, anti-vibration material for electrical, mechanical shock absorption, dampening eg. compressor, motors, fans, panels



Anti-Vibration Sheet for isolation, shock dampening

high quality, oil/ temperature/ dust/ corrosion resistant, long life

anti-vibration material - high density, thickness rubber / foam pad for vibration dampening
Anti-Vibration Material – High density, thickness rubber / foam pad for vibration dampening

We offer high quality shock dampening, anti vibration material in sheet, roll, pad form. These canvas are of unmatched durability and strength.

These isolator pads are used in a variety of applications, such as to reduce shock vibration from compressor, or mounting cushion to panels etc. Foam, neoprene, and rubber vibration isolation pads are commonly used with appliances such as machines, vibrating table, panels, fans, diesel generators, air handling units, compressors etc.

These can be high grade neoprene or rubber isolation medium which can efficiently control structure-born noise and resonant vibrations.

These anti-vibration rubber sheets included:

  • Rubber bonded cork
  • Neoprene rubber
  • Soft silicon
  • Fabric reinforced rubber

Different grades available in many thicknesses and sheet sizes.

Type of Anti-Vibration Pads:

  • Base Mount Isolator
  • Rubber Pads and Mats
  • Matt, Sheets
  • Sandwich pads


  • High Quality, highly durable
  • Suitable size
  • Various thickness
  • Suitable for variety of temperature range

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Rubber, Cork, Neoprene

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