AMCA, CE Certified Round Impulse Jet Fan

Jet fan

Unidirectional / Reversible, high temperature rated, CE / UL certified, silent operation, impulse jet fans for ductless ventilation

Round Axial flow Impulse Jet fans are ideal for linear air flow in ductless ventilation system, for road / railway tunnels, underground / stilt car parks, garage, warehouse, storage, silos, bunkers, facility tunnels in hotels etc. These fans are highly efficient, very low sound, fast installation and deliver high performance. These are available in dual speed mode for high energy efficiency and low operating cost, thereby designed for demand control ventilation.

These fans ensure high impulse force for removal of toxins, circulate fresh air, and exhaust of high temperature smoke. By eliminating the need for extensive ductwork, jet fans reduce installation costs. It lowers ceiling height requirements and simplifies maintenance, while reducing hindrance to security CCTV view area.

Jet fans improve visibility, reduce spot air temperature, dissipate smoke and toxic gases, during emergency conditions like fire etc.

We offer axial jet fans from prestigious manufacturers like Systemair, Greenheck, Krueger, Nicotra, Airflow, Witt, Fantech, NOVENCO, Wolter, Fanair, Maico, Zetron, Flakt etc.


Specifications – Round Axial Impulse Jet Fan: 

  • Structure: Round / Circular
  • Working method: High Impulse, force 
  • Fan Type / Air flow: Axial 
  • Size: Standard diameter sizes are 315 mm, 355 mm, 400 mm
  • Air Flow: Unidirectional, Reversible
  • Design: Ductless, ceiling-mounted
  • Function: Dilutes and removes contaminants; controls smoke
  • Available: High temperature rated up to 400°C for 2 hours
  • Construction: Pre-galvanized steel Hot-dipped, with 1D, 2D sound attenuators 
  • Sound levels: As low as 45 dB
  • Motor available: Single – speed, dual speed
  • Motor Class available: Class F, Class H

Advantages – Jet Axial Fan:

  • Simplified Design: No need for a complex duct system.
  • Lower Construction Cost: Requires less ceiling height compared to ducted systems
  • Lower Installation Cost: Easier and faster installation and commissioning
  • Improved Operational Costs: Reduced system static pressure allows for smaller supply and exhaust fans. Also, provision of dual speed motor for low (non fire condition) and high air (fire condition) flow demand
  • Reduced Maintenance: No moisture (no duct rusting) and dust deposition (eliminating the need for duct cleaning)
  • Enhanced Safety: More efficient at removing noxious fumes and clearing smoke, ensuring a safer environment.
  • Suitable for automation based on carbon monoxide detector, integrated with fire alarm system
  • Comply with world safety standards – WHO, OSHA, NIOSH
  • Better visibility

Suggested Application:

  • Basement / Underground Parking: car parks, garages, and tunnels 
  • Industrial Facilities, manufacturing sheds, warehouses, storage silos
  • Hotel / building tunnels
  • Road / Railway / Train / Metro / City tunnels

Standards and Certifications:

  • F300 Certificate 370-CPR-1745
  • F400 Certificate 370-CPR-1848
  • AMCA licensed air (AMCA 210)
  • UL/cUL-listed for Electrical (UL/cUL-705) and Power Ventilators for Smoke Control

Options and accessories

  • Silencers 1D, 2D
  • Mounting Ceiling
  • Isolator Type: Neoprene Hanging, Spring Hanging  
  • Directional vane inlet and outlet guard