Air Hydraulic Jacks


  • Capacity: up to 100t
  • Width: up to 350mm
  • Air supply: 7 – 12 bar
  • Air consumption: up to 400l/min
  • Weight: 50KG ~ 150KG
  • Height: 250mm ~ 800mm
  • Frame length: up to 1000mm

Salient Features

  • For heavy duty works
  • Durable and resistant to corrosion
  • Low profile construction
  • Handlebar locks in multiple positions
  • Hard chromium plated

Air hydraulic jacks are specialized lifting devices that combine the benefits of both air (pneumatic) and hydraulic systems to lift heavy loads. Air hydraulic jacks are versatile and powerful tools that provide a practical and efficient solution for lifting heavy loads across a wide range of industries. Their ability to combine the precision of hydraulic systems with the speed of pneumatic systems makes them invaluable for tasks that require both accuracy and rapid lifting. These jacks are commonly used in automotive repair shops, industrial facilities, and various other settings where the need for lifting heavy objects is prevalent.


  • Automotive Repair
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Construction
  • Heavy Equipment Maintenance
  • Material Handling
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Marine and Shipyard Work