Adhesive, Glue, Sealants – Rubber, Wood, Plastic, Polymer

High quality, long lasting performance, synthetic or water based, adhesive, glue, emulsifier, sealants for various application for wood, rubber, foam, fabric, leather, plastic, MDF, plyboard, metal, polymer etc.


High Quality, long last Performing Adhesive, Glue, Sealants

for wood, rubber, marine, polymer, plastic, fabric etc. application

Adhesive, glue, sealant for wood, rubber, marine, fabrics, plastics
Adhesive, glue, sealant for wood, rubber, marine, fabrics, plastics

We offer high quality with durable and long lasting performing adhesives, glue, sealants for various applications.

These includes synthetic resin based which are intended for wood working and various materials where one of the surfaces to be bonded is porous. For example, Fevicol SH strongly binds wood, plywood, laminate, veneers, MDF and all types of boards and cork.

Type of Adhesive / Glue / Sealant:

  • High performance white adhesive
  • Premium synthetic resin based with high water resistance
  • Water based co-polymer emulsion
  • Moisture curable
  • low viscosity white adhesives
  • Rubber based
    • Benzene free, fast drying and forms strong permanent bonds type
    • Heavy-duty bonding type
    • such type of adhesives are used for PU/PVC/TPR soles, EVA, Leather and Synthetic Fabric.


  • Water Resistant
  • Strong permanent bond
  • Termite Resistant
  • High performance
  • Better coverage.
  • Quick setting.
  • High solid content.
  • High viscosity.


  • Furniture industries (Laminates, ply wood, MDF, block board, hard board, particle board etc.)
  • Artifacts.
  • Wooden framing
  • Paper, Book binding, carton manufacturing
  • Other allied industries
  • Offices, Trade kiosks
  • Fixing ceramic tiles
  • Sandtex & marble
  • Thermocol Insulation, Handicraft applications

Available Packing:

  • 10, 50, 100, 250, 500 gram
  • 1, 2, 5, 10 kg
  • 20, 50 kg


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Fire Retardant Canvas

Operating Temperature

-70°C up to +250°C